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Feature 1

Beethoven's Trio for clarinet, cello, and piano in B-flat major during the winner's concert for the Ackerman Chamber Music Competition at Stony Brook University.

Feature 2

Mozart's "12 Variations on Ah! Vous dirai-je Maman" is a wonderful traipse off of the familiar "Twinkle Twinkle." Before it was "Twinkle," it was a famous French nursery rhyme in the 1700s.

Feature 3

A program by Carnegie Hall's Ensemble Connect (formerly ACJW). The premise of Ligeti's "Musica Ricercata" is that one note is added to each movement, i.e. the first movement has two notes (watch Alex play a lot of As for the most part), the second movement has three, and so on. In this performance, the movements are exchanged between piano solo and woodwind quintet.

Feature 4

Want to see cartoon eyes drawn over Alex's face in a Cartoon Mash-Up that went viral with over a million views?